Family Coaching


Master yourself and take charge of you and your families brain and mental health. 

Reduce the toxins in your household.

Move from the normal survival “not-knowing” mode to purpose-filled living “by choice”!

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Monica M Madden

About Monica

I’m a strategist that also mentors, speaks, and teaches. I went from living with depression for 40(+) years to becoming the creator of my life by mastering myself. Because I learned how to master myself and my thoughts, I learned how to build a security system around my family by mentoring and coaching my teenager to be the master of herself. I strategize with parents who want to influence and be mentors in their kids’ lives.

I partner with parents to keep the enemy out by building a security system around the minds of their family, becoming masters in life, and mentors to their kids while moving their family from the ‘normal’ survival default mode of life to PURPOSE-FILLED LIVING. Read about me for more information.

Ways To Work With Monica

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Success Stories

So I want to thank Author Monica Madden for time she set aside to help me set a plan out to start and achieve my Goal of being an Entrepreneur. I believe everything happens for a reason; Nothing happens by chance!! God used her to help me jump start this journey. If anyone is looking for a Professional Development Coach to help their jump start to success she is your girl gods I'm motivated and now I'm not scared to follow through 4 I got this.




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