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I’m Monica M Madden

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I specializes in brain health, relationship building, and parent strategies.
Monica M Madden

Before starting my own consulting business, I worked for 20+ years in IT at a Fortune 100 company. Nowadays, you’ll find me spending time with my teenage daughter, writing, reading good books, and taking digital courses. I love being at home — all while strategizing, serving clients, and recording my Mastering You Podcast — a show dedicated to personal growth and the Fearless Influencing show with my co-host to help build trusted adults.


My Core Philosophy Of Parenting:

Parenting as Mentorship::

Parenting is not just about giving instructions but about actively being in a relationship with our children, serving as their mentor and influencer.

Guided Independence:

Following guidance from sources like the Bible, effective parenting aims to instill values and behaviors that children will adhere to even when they grow up and leave the nest.

Self-Mastery and Purpose:
Gaining mastery over oneself is critical in establishing a secure and purposeful environment for the family, which allows both parents and children to receive life’s offerings more openly.

Mastering Your Time

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