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Omega-3 Power Supplement* – The best supplement for your brain! Most of the over the counter products I used either lacked Omega-3 or was insufficient. Since I have been taking the Omega-3, I feel better and with less brain fog. Omega-3 can help with the healing of your brain as well. Most people have brain injuries and don’t know it, the only real way to know it is to have a Brain Scan to see how the blood is flowing.

Omega-3 Supplment

Kids have a problem with swallowing pills? Want to get your kids off of the sugary gummy supplement Omega-3? Kids missing Omega-3 from their diet? This is a high quality liquid Omega-3. *This liquid is good for kids ages 4 and up, click on the link to read all about it. My 14 year old has been on this for about 3 months now.

Omega-3 Liquid

*This liquid vitamin-C is safe for children 4 and up.

Neuro-C – Lipsomal Vitamin C – Advanced Brain and Immune Defense – Liquid Vitamin C

BrainMD – Supplements

A healthy brain is must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The brain is the MOST IMPORTANT organ in the human body. Some of the functions of the brain are: Attention & Concentration; Organization; Creativity; Personality; Motor skills.

Two ways to improve your brain health:


Water – the brain is made up of about 75% water, we must continually supply water to stay hydrated. I remember I couldn’t focus and would lose concentration, my colleague knew that my beverage intake was lots of caffeine, actually Pepsi, to be honest. He told me that if I started to consume more water then my attention span and my concentration would increase, I tried it and found him to be correct. I added water to my intake and was able to focus and concentrate for longer periods. There are many studies about how much water you should take, most of the research I’ve done says 1/2 of your body weight, however, this is worthy of a discussion between you and your doctor as to how much water you need based on your health needs.


Supplements* – Not just any supplements, the right supplements and the correct amounts. I have taken vitamins since I was a kid, I remember taking the chewable Flintstone vitamins, and then when I learned how to swallow pills, I started taking One A Day as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin D and other supplements. In 2017 I started taking DoTerra Vitality supplements and found that I had more energy and less brain fog. I found that most vitamins do not have the correct amount of supplements that we really need. The difference with DoTerra brand is that the supplements had cellular building ingredients, which is much needed because our cellular system (cells in our body) regenerate and based on what we are feeding ourselves, our system either regenerates good cells or unhealthy cells.

After doing months of extensive research on supplements and Dr Amen, and comparing DoTerra to BrainMd, about 6 months ago, I switched to the BrainMd supplements. There is no way that one or even two pills a day will provide us with what we need to supplement our diet intake. Based on analysis between the DoTerra and BrainMd brands, our daily intake should contain pills for vitamins, pills for our cellular system and Omega-3 pills, twice a day. Of course, the number of pills depends on the dosage of the ingredients.

What I have found to be the most important that a regular vitamin lacks is the Omega-3, the Omega-3 is the most important supplement for brain health. Once I switched to BrainMd, I am noticing much more alertness, less moodiness, focus and clarity. After the research on Dr Amen and Amen Clinics, the Omega-3 is what they make sure their patients are taking, it is even used in the treatment in depression, brain injuries and many other mental diseases and mind-disorders. When I look back at my own journey of battling depression, one of the first of many steps that I took that I believed helped was taking better quality supplements and adding the OMEGA-3 to my daily routine. I believe this is so crucial to health that my 14 year old takes the liquid version of the Omega-3.

To find out more about the quality of BrainMd supplements and to get your free 7 day trial supply click here to visit the website.


*This is based on my research, my own experience and going through Amen University courses and certifications on Brain Health. Please seek Dr Amen and Amen Clinics to get professional evaluations or speak with your physician about the impacts of supplements based on your specific health and needs.

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