Five Key Inner-Sights About Self


March 27 – March 31 @ 8:30 pm ET.

Game changer alert! Have you ever encountered a something that was a total game changer? I did! I am going to share my discovery with you, the Five Key Inner-Sights.

We’ll spend just twenty minutes a day for five days unlocking the secrets of each of the Five Key Inner-Sights. Join me by dialing in with the information below to jump in.

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Tired of having anxiety? Tired of feeling frustrated because you’re not taking action?

After 30 years, I grew tired of living with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. I was sick and tired of the pain that I was feeling on the inside, tired of running from myself. With the help of God, my breakthrough came little by little. Ten years later, I stood in the grocery store realizing that I had overcome anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

Imagine feeling like you’re stuck because you didn’t do what you know to do. Imagine the blame that you put on yourself. Can you feel yourself growing frustrated with you? I get it, I felt that way too. As I sat on the couch stuck, anxiety grew. As I laid on the bed unable to do what I needed to do, I got depressed. I was hard on myself, my inactivity was leaving me with internal turmoil. The things I said to myself increased the level of anxiety that I experienced. What I learned was that most of the time I blamed myself for the inaction.

Do you know what it’s like to be hard on yourself? I found that the real reason for my inactivity was because of things that I did not know about myself. I was hard on myself because I didn’t know better. As I went through my healing journey, I started learning more about myself. I began unlocking things that would help me, heal me and push me to do the right activities.

Healing to your family!

My healing brought happiness and true joy out of me. Through healing, my teenage daughter was able to experience the healing for herself. If you’re anything like me, you want to see others receive their healing especially children. Similarly, if you’re a parent, you especially want to see your own children healed. Through your healing, your children can receive their healing. When you’re healed, you can help others with a sound mind.

What I share with you are keys for you to share with your family, keys to help them unlock all that they desire. Sometimes what we perceive to hold us back, is not the real thing that keeps us from perpetuating into the future. Consider what keeps us from what God has for us, may be the lack of understanding about our true self.

Remove the lipstick from the pig!

You see, the more you blame yourself, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the pig from being a pig. Lipstick doesn’t change the behavior of the pig. Blaming yourself doesn’t change the inactivity that you experience. When we take the lipstick off the pig, we begin to understand that the pigs behavior didn’t change because we put lipstick on it, the lipstick did not make the pig act any different. A pig will behave like a pig no matter what, like a pig, we will continue to behave as we do, that is, until we learn something different. We will continue to experience anxiety from the blame that we place on ourself until we know the truth behind our actions.

Similarly, when we suppress the trueness of who we are and continue to bury the truth, we resemble the lipstick on the pig, behaving like we know how to behave. We are not aware of a different way. As we begin to learn more about ourselves, the lipstick starts to fade away, and then one day, we learn about our true authentic self. As we understand the core of who we are, we start to do things that make sense for our life based on what we want and not the expectations that are assigned to us by others.

Unlocking birthrights

If you’re anything like me, you were born with birthrights that were not nurtured ,therefore lost in the translations of life. My experience, freedom and my certifications, gave me the tools to share with you so that you experience healing and anything else that you desire. Becoming aware of these Five Key Inner-Sights about yourself, is just the tip of the iceberg to unlocking what God promises over your life. The more I learned about myself, the more I reduced anxiety and depression I felt. What I have gained over my healing journey is access to my birthrights. We are all born with rights that life strips right from us.

Consider the fact that we spend our lives in history. We spend our lives in survival mode. We spend our lives mis-understanding the truth behind human nature, mis-understanding the full truth about ourselves. As a result of being, opened to learning and becoming more aware about ourselves, we begin to live a life of freedom, a life of goal achieving, a life of prosperity, a full life. Not only will understanding the five inner-sights about ourselves change trajectory in our life, but also in our families lives. Can you imagine a life with less anxiety? How would you feel if you became aware of how to reduce anxiety in your life?


Plan to join me for twenty minutes a day during the last five days in March and start to unlock the code to life for yourself and for your family. Join me to learn about the five key inner-sights you must have about yourself to access the rights God gave to you at birth. Share the link with a friend to grow with.

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*This five day experience and learning more about yourself is not guaranteed to free anyone from anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation. Everyone has a different experience and outcome. Results are based on individual commitments to continue to take action until you are free.*