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Omega-3 Supplment

Omega-3 Liquid

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Omega-3 Power Supplement* – One of the most needed supplements for your brain!

Omega-3’s aid in healing of the brain injuries. Most people don’t know they have brain injuries, the minimal car accident where ones head jerks, can cause brain injury, sports, hitting your head on something can cause brain injury. I had my brain scanned and it showed brain injury, fortunately, for me, my injury has healed. I’m sure taking care of my brain health and proper supplements have played a part in healing something that I did not know was injured.

Most of the over the counter vitamins and supplements either lacked Omega-3 or was insufficient. When taking Omega-3, the quality supplements show you exactly how much of the EPA and DHA fatty acids are in a serving. Most of the ones that I had taken gave an overall level of Fatty Acids but did not specify how much of EPA and DHA I was getting. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are vital to help build healthy cell membranes and to help with our cognitive, mood and behaviors as well as the health and healing of our brain.

Some of the signs of lacking Omega-3 can include poor memory, depression, mood swings, dry skin, heart disorders, hair and nail issues.

Since I have been taking the Omega-3, I feel better and with less brain fog. A couple of my clients have came back and thanked me for the information as even their children noticed a difference in their attention, clarity and memory. So taking Omega-3 actually helped improve their relationships.

Though, we can’t get enough Omega-3’s through a healthy diet, here are some ways to get it: Chia Seeds, Greens, Canola Oils, Walnuts, Soybeans and Tofu and most definitely fish. I grew up on fish sticks and though they are considered processed foods, they do have a little nutritional value of Omega-3’s.

The first best way to know exactly how much Omega-3 one needs is through your doctor and getting blood work, which of course, the insurance companies usually don’t pay for. Check with your doctor to see exactly what supplements you need and how much to take.

If you are wanting to add a high quality supplement to your daily diet, click the link below. Make sure to read the information for yourself and see the contents as well as how much fatty acids you will intake with the supplements that I use. The supplements I take are products from Dr Amen’s clinics, Dr Amen is a double board certified psychiatrist that specializes in brain health. He looks at your brain before making diagnosis and recommendations that will fit your lifestyle.

Omega-3 Supplment

Kids have a problem with swallowing pills? Want to get your kids off of the sugary gummy supplement Omega-3? Kids missing Omega-3 from their diet? This is a high quality liquid Omega-3. *This liquid is good for kids ages 4 and up, click on the link to read all about it. My 14 year old has been on this for about a year now.

Omega-3 Liquid

A healthy brain is must in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The brain is the MOST IMPORTANT organ in the human body. The health of our brain can make a life and death difference when it comes illnesses and accidents. Some functions of the brain are: Attention & Concentration; Organization; Creativity; Personality; Motor skills.

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*Omega-3 is not the only supplement needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is based on my research, my own experience and going through Amen University courses and certifications on Brain Health. Please seek Dr Amen and Amen Clinics to get professional evaluations. Speak with your own physician about the impacts of supplements based on your specific health and see exactly what your own personal needs are.

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