Webinar – From Parent to Coach and Mentor

Saturday, March 20, 2021 @ 7 pm Eastern

Register for our webinar going from parent to coach and mentor. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • End the wifi battle
  • Create structures and boundaries to help your kids thrive
  • Teach your kid personal empowerment!

Ending the Wifi Battle

Guess what, technology is not going anywhere, in fact, it’s ever evolving and here to stay. Learn top techniques to end once and for all, the battle over Wi Fi, the Battle of going online and how much online there is. You’re going to learn how to end those fights and how to have your child wanting to use technology for something really productive as something other than just a social tool. Breaking the pattern of your child abusing and using new technology as a social interaction, and using it as it’s truly intended. Technology was truly intended not as a social tool, technology was developed, to help us in our creative development.

Creating Structures & Boundaries

This program is going to do this program is all about, helping you create these structures, you know, from a place in, in a time, where you are in response mode, not reaction mode. It’s the difference between something happening to me, verses through me. Living on the causative side not the effect side, stepping in and taking the responsibility.

It doesn’t take a lot, but it does take more. When they know that there’s a structure when they know it’s discipline, and then when it’s applied consistently, kids, children operate best in boundaries. They thrive in boundaries, they longed for boundaries and structure.

Personal Empowerment

A process of personal empowerment where your child learns to initiate constructive disciplines, constructive disciplines, around time management and their schedule. This puts an end to the nagging of did you do your homework, the nagging of Did you know, did you clean your room? The nagging of did you get your chores done?

The application of any one of these strategies could be relationship saving for you and your child. This is a model that allows you to come from, a response, discipline, where you have to have a response already structured, it’s thought through, before, there’s a conflict, it’s thought through before, there’s a crisis, it’s thought through, before, there’s a behavioral situation.

But it’s almost like, if you’re on a big cruise ship in the ocean, or, a big cruise liner, and you want to make a change directionally. It was too late for the Titanic, to turn, when they saw the iceberg. They had to change course, you know, miles before the iceberg, because it takes time and your child is not going to keep immediately respond when you react, you know, nothing good is gonna come from that you need to be taking the helm of the relationship and the helm of your thought, long before there’s a crisis or conflict or problem.


Jump on this webinar, and, you know, if you just walk away with one idea, one idea on how to be more resourceful as a parent, it is well worth your, your investment of time.

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