This tree represents life and death. A life that dead weight is holding onto.  How many of us have things, people, habits holding on to us that wont let us go? How many of us are bound, and, we don’t know where the extra weight that is holding us down is coming from?

I enjoy the 4 seasons and cycles of a tree, the bareness and development of new seeds, the seeds sprouting with full blossom, the changing to the autumn colours, and then the pruning and getting ready for whats to come next season to cycle repeating.

The leaves on the tree in the picture causes me to not be able to enjoy the pruning, refreshing phase of the tree. 

The definition of pruning on is: trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.   To cut back, trim, thin, thin out, pinch back, crop, clip, shear, pollard, top, dock, shape, even up, neaten, tidy (up), cut away (a branch or stem).”prune back the branches” cut off, lop (off), chop off, hack off, clip, snip (off), nip off, dock, sever, detach, remove.

When we don’t cut away what shouldn’t be holding onto us, we can stop the blessing of living out our life cycle, which in turn could help someone else prune and live out theirs. 

Make this a year that you live out the 4 life cycles of your dreams: 

  1. the development (embryonic stage) 
  2. the pruning (I cant see it but, I’m continuing to move forward, I’m eliminating everything in my life that is not a match to my dream ),
  3. the full blossom (seeing the results) and
  4. the autumn colours from the fully expanded dream (feeling and experiencing the results). 

Be aware of whats attached to you, or what you’re attached to (you might be-the weight holding someone else down). Lets detach ourselves from that which isn’t made to have a grip on us and that which we shouldn’t have a grip on, so we can be fruitful and allow our dreams multiply.

Monica M Madden

Dominion Life Mentoring