Digging a little bit deeper into the phrase “there are 3 sides to every story”.  With my current NLP and Hypnosis studies and certifications, I have learned that everyone’s brain distorts the story.

From every story, every experience and every conversation, our brain finds the parts that matches our current belief system and then literally throws the rest of the story out. The story as we tell it, is truly what we processed, its our own truth. Thus, everyone has their own side to the story, then, there’s the full truth.  

Does this remind you of the game where a group sits around in a circle, one person whispers in the ears of the person sitting on the right side, and everyone is supposed to repeat the story to the person next to them? By the time the story gets back to the originator, the story does not even come close to what was initially told. 

I can remember EM telling a story, I responded and said, “thats not true”.  EM replied, “its my story, I tell it my way”.  Oh well, everyone is entitled to their side.