Take control, turn the light all the way and get to level 3 of Awareness. We can control our life when we become aware of what’s out of control.

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We can’t gain control over what we don’t know we don’t have control of.  Does that make sense?  Awareness is the first step in taking control over our life.  When the lights come on and we become aware of what’s out of our control, that could be in our control, then we can start to put a plan in place to gain or regain control.  

I loved staying in the house when I was growing up.  In my late 20’s, I started getting out of the house more, meeting friends for dinner, etc.  On this particular Friday after work, I lived in Canal Winchester, Ohio and drove to Worthington to meet a friend for dinner.  On the drive home I was so exhausted and couldn’t figure out why.  

I decided to take a warm bath when I got in, still pondering over why I was so tired.  The saying is, the best experience is evaluated experience.  For me, on this particular day, I had fully awaken to level 3 of awareness.

The first level light came on, the beginning stage of awareness.  I was carrying this negative energy with me, but where did the energy come from, and why was it flowing through me? What I was feeling at the moment was my normal feeling after I had conversations with certain people.  

As I recalled my outing and conversation, I realized that it seemed as if I had complained during the whole dinner, and when she tried to be encouraging, I-like a lot of people-started defending my complaints.  Then the second level light clicked on, I was a very toxic person in my conversation.  I controlled the whole conversation with my negative energy. My conversation was out of control, my thoughts and expressions of life were way out of alignment with what I wanted in my life, which was peace and harmony.

Where did this negative energy and complaining spirit come from?  I then realized that I kept company with energy draining people.  I recalled lots of conversations with the toxic energy suckers.  I’d spend hours trying to be uplifting and encouraging. 

Then, the light is turned all the way up to level 3. Do I want to be known as an energy sucker?  I told myself, I can take control of the energy I give off as I build relationships outside of work.  I can control my conversations.  I can get rid of the complaining spirit.  Then the next question hit me: How Do I Take Control Of My Energy?  How Do I Become A More Pleasant Person To Be Around? How Do I Remain Positive In All Situations?  

Now that I am fully aware, can you guess what the next step was?  My next step was to start paying attention to the company I keep.  The company we keep either adds to us or takes away from us.  The more positive energy that is taken away, the less positive energy we have for the encouragers and positive people in our life.  I had to remove myself from keeping company with the energy suckers, so I had more time for and to be one of the energy givers.  Remember, we are a sum total of the people we hang around.  

Can you see the 3 levels of awareness?  With each new level, every time the light goes up,  I ask myself a new set of questions.  Finally, when the light is shining as bright as it will get, I realize that, I can and will be in control of my life and behavior.

When we become fully aware, level 3 aware, we can take control.  

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