When you are Emotional Aware, you tend to operate at a higher level of consciousness.  When you are operating at a higher level of consciousness, you experience: 

  • happier emotions
  • more control of your emotions
  • better decision making
  • the ability to be slower to take offense
  • a higher level of awareness of emotional triggers
  • life and seeing your world a little differently.

Emotional Awareness is when you are able to know what you are feeling and why you feel the way you do.  When operating at the highest level of EA, when certain events occur or when certain words are spoken, you know exactly how you’re going to feel.  You know exactly what triggers certain emotions in you. 

Personally, I started on my EA journey in 2012.  In 2011, I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, in 2012, is when I recognized that I was operating at one of the lowest levels of awareness possible.  I was introduced to a woman named, Deb, that was coaching Mary Kay Directors, it was then, that I learned that I had emotional PROBLEMS.  At that point, I started to raise my EA. 

I went from Deb’s classes to seeing a Personal Therapist, to enrolling in The John Maxwell Team Certification.  This certification is where I had my biggest EA growth.  I continue to tap into my Mentors and Coaches that help me grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Because of the changes that I have in my life due to raising my EA, I do encourage that you, also, raise yours.   It’s not hard to raise your Emotional Awareness, it just takes these 5 things:

  1. Desire to want to learn more about yourself,
  2. Passion to want to be able to control your emotions,
  3. Intentional effort to become Aware of your Emotions,
  4. Focus on how your feeling all of the time, you have to know how your feeling throughout the day, and you have to become aware when your emotions shift,
  5.  Dedication to yourself and knowing that you won’t operate at the highest level of EA overnight. 

Be intentional about raising your Emotional Awareness today.   If you are wanting to take the next steps, if you are wanting to learn how to intentionally raise your EA, if you would like more information and book recommendations that I use, send me an email at blog@MonicaMMadden.com, and in the subject line put EA Blog info.

Affiliate link to one of my favorite books that helped me change some of emotional behaviors:
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves