For me, when I used to hear about being healthy, I thought it was about losing weight.  I figured that since I was under-weight according to the “National Standard”, I was healthy. 

As I got older, I thought it was about exercising.

As I got wiser, I realized it’s about what we eat, consume, our physical activity, what we feed our minds and what we put on our skin. 

I have found that it’s not just about what we consume (food), but also about what we let get absorbed into our body through our skin. 

About two years ago I started on my healthy kick journey.  This was a different health kick than Normal.  It was about the medicines I take, the air I breathe and the ingredients I put on my skin. 

My journey was with DoTerra oils.  My kid had really bad, and I mean, really bad allergies. Her allergies were so bad that they had to give her an asthma inhaler for her nose. One of the organisms she was allergic to was dust-mites!  Dust-mites are every where.  

That is when we got introduced to oils.  Not just any oil, but, DoTerra Oils.  I say not just any oil, because, DoTerra is the most authentic and purist oil on the market.  Do you know how I know?  Because all of the consumable single oils (no blends) on the market are CONSUMABLE with DoTerra.  You can literally take them by adding a drop of oil to water or in a capsule!  Theres a consumption label on the bottle as to how to take, always follow their instructions. They don’t alter the oils at all, in fact, there are several labs that test the oils before they go to the market and if the oils don’t meet DoTerras scientific standards, they pull them  

My kid starting internally taking the oils and we diffused the oils and we were able to do away with her four meds.  So my health kick began with oils 2 years ago.  

Two years later, my house is just about chemical free. My dish liquid and dishwasher detergent are still store bought.  The only thing I have remaining that touches my skin that is not natural is my hair shampoo.  

Life is more fun now that I create my medical remedies, my household products (including laundry detergent) and my body products, such as shower gels, sugar scrubs and body creams. 

Stay tuned for my *homemade remedies, I have gotten recipes off of the internet and some of the recipes I have combined to get a product that I love to use. 

*I am not a medical doctor, this is not medical advise, this is years of experience and trial and error in my own life.  Anything you try based on my experience and writings is at your own risk.  Everyone is different, from reactions to remedies.  If you’re really wanting to change your life style, seek advise from your doctor, find a holistic medical provider.  If something doesn’t work, don’t give up, keep seeking advice from a medical doctor to try something else. Keep working at it until you find the right remedies for you and your family.