I’ve been watching my Mary Kay sisters become Directors, I kind of miss those days. I spent the last 15 minutes taking a look back at my journey, and I found that, I had all of the tools , skills and even all of the products to have a Mary Kay party and successful business, I even had all of the clients and support that I needed to become a Mary Kay Director. I built teams, but I lacked the awareness of the skills that we needed to BECOME, they could only BECOME as far as I BECAME, there’s a lid.

What was missing, THE AWARENESS IN BECOMING, THE KNOWING OF HOW TO BECOME. Becoming is an INSIDE job, no mater what, if you don’t know how to BECOME the person that lives into your potential, then we end up in a cycle of stuckness. We end up in a cycle of TRYINGNESS, keep trying something new, keep starting over to only find more of the same STUCK!

If I could put anything in the school system, it would be to teach kids HOW TO BECOME, HOW TO GROW ON THE INSIDE. It’s not about math, science, english, those are learned and I’ll be darned to say, MANDATORY book skills. It’s really about Emotional Intelligence, it’s about experiences, it’s about God, it’s about personal individual growth. When we grow on the inside, the outside automatically changes. We have to teach our kids how to BECOME, by BECOMING.

That was even one of the purposes of me publishing one of my books, was to show my teenager, how to BECOME a published author. When we learn the ART of BECOMING, we can teach it to our kids and then they won’t have the same cycles of STUCKNESS. BECOMING the Parent Mentor allows us to teach our own kids how to BECOME.

Author Monica Madden