My roles as your parent, I am your friend, mentor, teacher and your mother, and I know when to shift between the roles. Knowing when to shift between the four is critical to helping you build the healthy self image and raising you up in the direction that is designed for only you.

I will love you like God loves you. Thru mentoring, I will encourage you to try and try again, I will help you explore until you know your own strengths and weakness. I will guide you in making decisions and unless the decision will be harm to you, I will allow you to become the decision maker as much as possible.

Before I get emotionally attached because you dont do what I ask, when I ask, I will evaluate first myself and then change my perspective and realize that up until now, many times, I didnt do what God asked of me and didnt do it when he asked me to, and he didn’t one time chastise me.

I am your friend and love spending time with you. We watch movies, talk, laugh, cry, play games and act silly together. I am your friend because I want you to know how friends are and be your display of what to look for in your own circle of friends.

Just as much as God speaks through me to you, he sometimes speaks thru you to me, and I am open to Gods correction.

I will teach you about faith (not worry), because God is only of Faith. I will teach and provide you the tools on how to speak to yourself, love yourself and most importantly think and let God (intuition) guide you. I will teach you how to be the creator of your life like God intended for you to be.

Know that I love you just as God Loves and I will do what God asked and Raise You Up In The Way That You Shall Go and you will never depart from what you’ve learned through the different roles I play in your life.

~Author Monica Madden

Change wont happen if we do what we’ve always done and in most times, change wont happen if we raise doing all of the same things we learned as a child. Providing a new perspective and a new creative way of parenting and raising children.