During my healing journey, I found myself researching, studying and replacing toxic items. I went from store bought ready made cleaning products, back to the basic items that I keep at home already. Use this link to sign up for emails on how to make your environment toxic free. Monica’s Toxic Free Products

Banned Ingredients from California and Europe

While Europe has banned 1,000+ ingredients from usage, California has banned 24 ingredients and is moving toward being a toxic-free cosmetic state with their ToxicFree Cosmetics Act (AB 2762). You’ll find a sample of the toxins banned in some places but not all. The two listed here, formaldehyde and Parabens are both banned in California and Europe.

Formaldehyde – a compound that our bodies naturally produce for cellular metabolism. Formaldehyde is found in cleaning products, glues, paper coatings, vaccines such as the flu shot to inactivate the live influenza virus and there are many more products that use formaldehyde. It is also a building block used to preserve and the National Cancer Institute found through their studies that formaldehyde can cause leukemia and nasopharyngeal Cancer, they call it a carcinogen. Detrimental enough to our environments and health that California and Europe have been the use in every day cosmetics products. In 1999, Canadians deemed formaldehyde as toxic substance.

Parabens – used to preserve food and cosmetics! They can further increase cellular damage to already sun damaged skin. Parabens are also detrimental on your hormones and its very possible that they reduce fertility in our men. I use the word possible loosely! And our FDA deems them safe? However, Parabens are ingredients that are banned from both California and Europe!

Banned From California

While it is possible that some states ban an ingredient here or there, California is moving towards toxic free cosmetics. Here are two of the state banned ingredients.

BPA‘ s – bisphenol A, used in polycarbonate plastics. The ingredient disrupts our endocrine system, which impacts our hormone system. BPA’s are linked to increased chance of asthma in children, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and other diseases. BPA’s can be found in storage containers, babies pacifiers, canned food where the can is lined with BPA and many other items. California and several other countries have banned the use in baby bottles and sippy cups. France has banned the use all together from things in contact with food items.

Acetone – Propanone, a colourless, highly volatile and flammable liquid, used to dissolve things. Yep, found in fingernail polish remover, fake nail remover, paint remover, etc. Our bodies produces three types of ketone, of which one is acetone, to break down fat, when the there are high amounts of ketones it can produce ketoacidosis, which is acetone poisoning. Even though our body can make acetone, it’s deemed not safe to be in our cosmetic products from Californias standards.

Use this link to sign up for emails to learn how to make your environment toxic free. Monica’s Toxic Free Products

Banned from Europe

Europe has banned OVER 1,000 ingredients from being used in their products. In stead of listing them out here, which we all deserve to know, I’ll just list a few of the top items that, I’m sure 99% of know all two well!

Petroleum – same ingredient that fuels automobiles, yep petroleum jelly, the stuff made to put on dry lips and the stuff that some people use to keep their noses moist from the dry heat! One of the first lessons I learned when I became a Mary Kay Consultant back in 2011 was the petroleum jelly that we put on our lips is like an addictive drug. Petroleum blocks the moisture from leaving our pores, our lips, so, just as moisture can’t leave, moisture and air also can’t get in, causing our lips and where ever else we use it to dry out. Because our skin is dry, we continuously feel the need to keep putting petroleum based lip balm on, the effect of a drug, you just can’t get enough! Well, Europe deemed the ingredient a carcinogen and has banned it from use in the country.

Talc – the ingredient that J&J settled a 3.9 billion dollar lawsuit for putting in products such as baby powder because there were allegations that the talc was tied to cancer when used around vaginal areas. The research found asbestos in the talc! Europe found the possibility that even asbestos-free talc is carcinogenic, so they banned the use of it. I just love that, they banned the use based on the possibility of it being detrimental to our health! 

Triclosan – antibacterial ingredient we find in our Anti-bacterial Soaps and Hand Sanitizers! Well, if you’ve been given antibiotics, if your child has been given antibiotics to fight bacterial infections, and they no longer work, it’s possible that, if your family uses Anti-bacterial products with triclosan, the ingredient may play a part in the body building up a resistance to the antibiotics. 

We Test In Production

My first question is, if there is even a possibility for an ingredient to cause any health issues, why should it be allowed in our products?

If you have worked in the Information Technology field, you’ll get this, ‘We Test In Production’! What does that mean? Before there is any real data, real results, we introduce new code in production and sometimes don’t uncover the issue until after the code is released, I’ve had it happen to my bank account where I couldn’t access my account after new code was implemented. In the case of toxins, we introduce new ingredients to the market, and wait until someone gets sick, or better yet DIES, before it’s linked back to an ingredient introduced possibly decades earlier, such as Talc, yep that good ole 3.9 billion dollar lawsuit mentioned earlier!


Do I sound mad? Well, I’m not mad, I’m pissed! I’m tired of ingredients allowed in our products that are detrimental to our health, our brain, mental and emotional health! Detrimental to our well-being! These products are killing our relationships and causing labels to be put on our children, such as A.D.D or A.D.H.D! It is very possible that the food we eat and the toxins we take in from the environment contribute to our Childrens wellbeing!

The Monica Movement

So, what does one do when they’re pissed and they want to make a difference? They start a movement! Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Mother Teresa didn’t fight against anything, she knew the type of negative energy that fighting against something causes. Instead she went towards what she wanted, peace and abundance in the world!

I am starting The Monica Movement (smile), fighting for Brain, Mental and Emotional, Health! Fighting for Environment Health. I lived with depression and suicidal thoughts for 40 years, starting at the age of 6, becoming numb to the world at age 4, I’ll save that story for later!

I searched for God and asked for complete healing. I wanted emotional peace, I wanted good thoughts, so I sought after mental well-being. I didn’t ask God to help me deal with depression, to end my depression, I asked God for Complete Healing. We get what we ask for, when we ask God to end something, end depression, that means we have to search to find out where it is. I didn’t want to search for depression. I didn’t want to think about what made me depressed. When we ask God for Healing, that means we’re seeking him for the positive that we desire in our life, the promises he gave to us in His Word.

Which lead me to research of a healthy environment. Studies that showed how the toxic products we purchase decreases a healthy lifestyle. I found that replacing my toxic household products with basic and easy to make home-made products, contributed to my healing.

I know from my experience, research and expertise that if we are aware of the toxins and the impacts, then given the tools to clean up our external and internal environments, we would all be in better place, our families health would be better and our relationships would thrive. We’d be richer people and we’d be able to achieve whatever we set out to do, remember, God said ‘Ask and Receive’, ‘Seek and Find’, ‘Knock and It Will Be Opened’! (Matthew 7:7-8).

If you want to join me in creating a healthier environment, reducing the exposure to toxins that can impact mental wealth, start by identifying ways to use products that enhance your life. Replace the toxins within your environment. Click on the link below to sign up for emails to learn how to make your environment toxic free: Monica’s Toxic Free Products. If you’re already on the toxic free product emails, we’re closer to taking control over our environments.